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Chai-Tikvah Support Groups

"Being with others who understand mental illnesses such as depression, can be a lifeline," says Laura Goldbloom, one of Chai Tikvah's social workers who leads our program Club Simcha. "Knowing that you're not alone can make a world of difference."

"Many people tell us they feel ashamed about being depressed," says Laura. "When they meet other people with similar mental health issues, symptoms and behaviours, and realize that it's not uncommon to feel and act as they do, it can really help their self-esteem"

Chai Tikvah's self-help groups allow people with mental health issues, such as depression, to provide as well as receive help. "Self-help groups can be a fun and uplifting way to make new friends and to share support and ideas through illness and recovery," says Laura. "People in our groups support one another, which can help their self-confidence."

What happens at the Club Simcha support group meeting?

Sitting and talking isn't the only thing that happens at meetings. Many group leaders organize social events and arrange special activities to help boost your mood and improve your wellbeing.

"Going to a group for the first time can be daunting, but you can be sure of a warm welcome, and people will understand how hard it can be to take that first step," says Laura.

"All sorts of people attend, and it’s a very friendly and close-knit community.” Our Club Simcha Program  is an enjoyable and simple way to find others affected by their loved one’s mental health illness who may live near you or who may share your interests."


Club Simcha is Chai Tikvah's community support group program. Groups meet once a week on Mondays, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. and can accommodate 20 to 30 people. Consistent interaction within the safe and close-knit community, this support group helps to combat social isolation and stigma while empowering participants with a sense of possibility and achievement. Many people have found that by coming to this support group, they have felt a boost their confidence, a transformation in their attitudes about living with a mental illness, and has helped them manage some of the symptoms associated with their illness and associated with their specific treatment plans.

You need to remind yourself that you are not to blame for a loved one’s mental illness. Mental illnesses are caused by many different factors that work together, such as genetics, biology, environment, and life experiences.

Loved ones can and do, play a big part in helping a person recover, work towards their goals, and stay well. Care and emotional support go a long way in recovery and well-being. So can practical help, like managing doctor’s appointments and other daily tasks. You can also play a part in helping a loved one maintain well-being. You and other close supporters may be the first to notice changes in a loved one’s mood, behaviour, self-care, or other area that shows their mental health may be worsening. This means you can help your loved one find the right help early.



Please call us 416 634-3050 or E-mail us info@lifeandhope.ca and a Chai Tikvah staff member will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to a staff member who can.


Supportive housing for those in need

In 2018, as part of our expansion, Chai Tikvah sold  The Jerry Turk Fellowship Home our first group home to invest in a six-plex.  The new housing model allows for immediate and future expansion from one home with  8 residents to today's 3 units with 10 people and the opportunity to redesign the other three units for another 10 people. The expanded service will continue to support individuals who are dealing with mental health issues. Its goal is to provide the residents with the ability to thrive independently within their community. Professional staff support is on-site and works 24/ 7. This program works to support the residents by addressing their recovery and well-being goals, helping residents to develop and maintain such life living skills, such as cooking, cleaning and hygiene practices.

The Life & Hope Foundation Triplex is our semi-independent residential facility consists of three units that can accommodate up to 8 adults each, at any one time. Staff is on-site three a week, with back-up support from our 24-hour group home. Its goal is to provide the residents the ability to thrive independently within their community while receiving the necessary staff support (24/ 7). This facility works to support the residents by addressing their recovery and wellbeing goals. The group home focuses on helping its clients develop and maintain such life living skills, such as: cooking, cleaning and hygiene practices. This program has been the gateway that allows many of our clients to move out of the triplex to thrive completely independently within their community.